Premiere: “Land Of Miracles” video

November 8, 2011

I’ve been thinking of making a video for at least one of the tracks from “Dust Off The Stars” EP for quite some time now. It happened so that several months ago I had a chance to meet with a very talented director Ozair Rao. Luckily, he was very passionate about my music. After some discussion we agreed that he’ll work on the video from “Land of Miracles“. Finally, after several months of work this video is completed.


Land Of Miracles” is probably one the most “charged” tracks in terms of depth of lyrics on the EP. In my view, this video perfectly captures all those various topics of this song. It was shot in a few Asian locations – I believe, Pakistan and Thailand are the key ones. This definitely sets a special mood for the song.


Here's a small easter egg: you may also see the feet of yours truly somewhere around the first chorus.


“Land Of Miracles”

Directed by Ozair Rao



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