Family time

August 25, 2015


As you (hopefully) know, the past year was quite a big challenge for me both on the music and personal fronts. Finishing my debut album took a lot of time from my family and I’ve been trying to compensate for this ever since.


However I must admit that I am starting to miss the sleepless nights of recording, arranging and mixing work. Call it painful longing for creative suffering - but it seems it's an inseparable part of me.


So what does it all mean? Some time closer to the end of this year I am planning to get back to the studio and start working on my next release. So do sign up to the mailing list or just drop by for some news later towards the year’s end.


And in the mean time – if you still haven’t heard 'Historyrepeating', do me a favor and please have a listen, comment, share it and send me a note if you enjoy it!




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