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I was raised in a family of a pilot and a stewardess. I traveled the world with my parents from a very young age and since then developed the thirst for travel.

My first music present from my parents was a small Casio synthesizer, I was in love with it! That is how I learned my first steps in music  (by the way,

please  get your kids a Casio keyboard!)

I stayed a major fan of electronic music all my teenage years, following all big synth acts of the time - Depeche Mode, New Order, OMD, Erasure etc.

However DM was my one and only true teenage obsession.

It was around the teenage years that I started creating my first demo tracks.

Later on I had a chance to learn music production, assisting at a small local studio.

Yet, in spite of all this experience I still often feel that I don't know

what I'm doing in my mixes!

I always wanted my music to sound lyrical and emotional -- above any style limitations. However when I'm asked to pick my genre I guess I never left my synthpop influences. They are easily recognized across all my tracks.

I chose 'Calfskin' as my stage name after a song of Cocteau Twins.

It's funny that quite a few people told me that they discovered my music

because they were curious how a band with such a name sounds.

My music is a major part of my life. However I'm also a father of two. The most interesting discovery that I made about my fatherhood was that kids actually make you create more. Being a busy dad can be inspiring!