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“Standing Eight” has been reviewed by a number of online publications in the past months. It’s been a big pleasure to read these reviews. Since I wasn’t posting them to this site immediately, here’s a compilation of a few memorable quotes:

‘Standing Eight’ is loaded with everything that makes up a great work of new wave: dark synths, ominous effects, and haunting vocals. If I didn’t know any better, I might mistake Calfskin as a side project of one of the guys in Depeche Mode. This stuff is on par with some of Depeche Mode‘s best work.The Record Stache / 07/2012

The Record Stache was one of the first publications which reviewed “Standing Eight”. As you see from the quote above, comparison with Depeche Mode was clearly driving the reviewer’s impressions and I am very much honored by it. Should I mention that Black Celebration is one of my all time favourite albums?

Click here to read full review on The Record Stache.

Another review from very well respected “Electronic Rumors” was praising song quality on “Standing Eight” and also commenting on somewhat deliberate dated sound. To tell you the truth, the latter was indeed deliberate as I generally follow the roads which I know best. And it happens that these are the roads of the 80s and 90s synthpop and new wave.

..if you’re going to sound dated, sound like the good dated stuff, and Calfskin does, having more in common with the intelligent talents of the scene, such as Neuroticfish and Seabound, than the tedious “I can use an arpeggiator” bands that killed FuturePop. The easy standout of the EP is ‘One Step Over’, which is catchy as hell, the chorus will stick in your head all day.Electronic Rumors / 07/2012

Click here to read full review on Electronic Rumors.

Another quote, which I’d like to mention here is from a synthpop dedicated blog Bop 2 Pop. The reviewer was also inspired by associations with Depeche Mode, however chose to feature another track from the EP, apart from other publications – Fade Away.

I must say that I was surprised by this choice, as so far the most obvious ‘pop’ potential has been heard mostly in One Step Over. However I must also admit it’s one of my favourite tracks on this EP.

..an impressive EP and we are totally digging it. ‘Standing Eight’ is channeling Depeche Mode at their most marvelously gloom and doomy.Bop 2 Pop / 07/2012

Click here to see full feature from Bop 2 Pop.


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