“Historyrepeating” / “The Cross” Digital Single

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Peek-a-Boo Music & Movie Magazine

With ‘Historyrepeating’ Konstantin brings us very nice catchy songs, with tunes and rhythms that stick in your head. <...> Sometimes I hear some big influences of a band like Wolfsheim, or early OMD, and lots of synths sounds of the 80’s, but this stays really good electro pop from Belgium.Peek-a-Boo / 12/2014

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Beach Sloth

Calfskin’s ‘Historyrepeating’ recalls Depeche Mode at the height of their powers. Melodically strong the songs revel in a kind of nostalgic futurism. From the soft sounds to the reassuring vocals the pieces are warm approachable things. Allowing these songs to flow out naturally they feel remarkably compelling. Sonically the pieces recall the sounds of the 80s fully cementing the idea that these songs could have come from decades before.Beach Sloth / 12/2014

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Paper Wings

The tasteful arrangements and minimalistic production aesthetics of “The Cross” fit perfectly with the vibes of the music: lush and melancholic, but also uplifting and catchy.Paper Wings / 11/2014

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“Standing Eight” EP / “One Step Over” Digital Single

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The Record Stache

‘Standing Eight’ is loaded with everything that makes up a great work of new wave: dark synths, ominous effects, and haunting vocals. If I didn’t know any better, I might mistake Calfskin as a side project of one of the guys in Depeche Mode. This stuff is on par with some of Depeche Mode‘s best work.The Record Stache / 07/2012

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Electronic Rumours

..if you’re going to sound dated, sound like the good dated stuff, and Calfskin does, having more in common with the intelligent talents of the scene, such as Neuroticfish and Seabound, than the tedious “I can use an arpeggiator” bands that killed FuturePop. The easy standout of the EP is ‘One Step Over’, which is catchy as hell, the chorus will stick in your head all day.Electronic Rumors / 07/2012

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Bop 2 Pop

..an impressive EP and we are totally digging it. ‘Standing Eight’ is channeling Depeche Mode at their most marvelously gloom and doomy.Bop 2 Pop / 07/2012

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