Konstantin De Winter is the eclectic producer and songwriter binding behind the moniker of Calfskin.
Hailing from Belgium, he set out to create a deep and cinematic blend of electro pop, inspired by artists the likes of Depeche Mode, New Order or OMD.
His sound is all about personal and lush vocals, dense synth layers and punchy beats; keeping the formula simple and direct, yet wide open and diverse.
His latest single “The Cross” precedes his full length album “Historyrepeating“. The record is particularly introspective; exploring themes such as Konstantin’s new-found fatherhood and the way life simply unfolds before our very eyes.



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Konstantin De Winter // Calfskin
info AT calfskinmusic.com

Calfskin 'Historyrepeating'


Paper Wings “The Cross” single review
Peek-a-Boo Magazine review [85/100]
Beach Sloth review

Track Listing

1. Got To Move On
2. Leave Me Alone
3. The Cross
4. Never Gonna Walk Alone
5. Look At Me
6. Free
7. Hold On
8. Someday
9. Relentless
10. Golden Dream


Electro pop

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