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It’s hard to believe, but it’s been almost a year since I posted updates on my website! A lot of things happened since then.

First off, I must apologize to those, who were enthusiastically waiting for the new Calfskin release. But I’ve got a real big reason here – I became a father for the 2nd time!

As you can imagine, my life is absolutely not how it used to be. However the great news – contrary to my own expectations, having LESS time to work in the studio actually made my work much more productive. I was never more prolific writer of songs than now.

What does it all mean in terms of the next recording? Well, I have not changed my plans. Currently, I have 8 totally finished tracks and there are 3-4 in mixing/arranging mode. Once they are done – we are going directly to the mastering stage and start getting ready for the big release. I don’t want to commit to any specific date – the last year taught me that when it comes to my personal priorities and kids, the latter always wins!

I’m still thinking if I should release a single ahead of the album. If I do – I’ll make sure that those who are subscribers to the Calfskin mailing list get it first and perhaps even for free.

Thank you for your interest and staying with me all these years!

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