Calfskin “Historyrepeating”: debut album is out

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2 years in the making. Countless sleepless nights and liters of tea are behind now.. And I’m incredibly excited to present to you my debut album.
Titled “Historyrepeating” – in some way it was a very challenging record. During its making I became a father twice and at some point I was afraid I’d never finish this album.. But the reality is – the kids only gave me more power.
How does the album sound? Well, initially I really wanted to create a nostalgic synth/electro record. But the very first track pushed me into a much more eclectic direction. I hope you will enjoy what you hear!

There are two versions of the album – the standard 10 tracks version, available on iTunes etc. And the Limited Edition with 2 extra tracks, available only through my site here.
You may of course stream the album in its entirety for free. If you don’t like Soundcloud – you can choose your favourite streaming provider here.

Enjoy the record, comment, share!

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