Belgium based Calfskin, born Konstantin De Winter, was raised in a rare family union of a pilot and a stewardess. He travelled the world with his parents at a very young age and became quite quickly fascinated by the music culture of various countries.

His first music present from his parents was a small Japanese synthesizer, which he used to learn first steps of sound programming. Being a teenager, Konstantin was deeply inspired by such big synthpop acts as Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, OMD, which moved him to create his first demo tracks, attempting to capture the sound of the genre’s titans.

Reaching his 20s he learnt the craft of music production and was composing and producing for various close neighbourhood bands in his own small studio. With his aspiration for musicality and lyricism in composition, his style evolved over the years, driven by the progress in music technology. However he always remained truthful to his original inspiration – the synthpop genre.



After a few experiments under various stage aliases, Konstantin chose ‘Calfskin’ as his main stage name. His first commercial recording ‘Dust off the stars’ (EP) was released in 2011 on a newly launched electronic indie label Deux Synth. This release coincided with revival of the synthpop genre and helped him gain first public attention. In 2012 Calfskin released his 2nd EP ‘Standing Eight’, which further enlarged his audience. Within a few months of the release, Calfskin reached the attention of larger synthpop public, earning him such flattering comparison as “Depeche Mode of the new millenium”.

Becoming a father of two in the subsequent year did not stop Konstantin from writing music. After a needed break he returns in the end of 2014 with a new energy, releasing “Historyrepeating” – his first fully fledged album. It is a reflection on his newly found fatherhood experience, but it’s also a lyrical essay on the subjects of trust, faith, love and devotion. “These notions are often on my mind, when I see the kind of world we are building for our children” – says Konstantin. “I hope that my work will entertain listeners but also resonate with them deeply – we all need a little bit of hope and faith in our lives”.

Nathalie Lauwers

CALFSKIN (c) 2015
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