Depeche Mode Spirit cover

Depeche Mode ‘Spirit’ – fast review and impressions

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I’ve been a long time fan of Depeche Mode. This band had probably one of the biggest influence on me since the early teenage years. I was lucky to witness and celebrate their triumph in the end of 80s / beginning of 90s. And I was also very disappointed about the end of ‘Alan Wilder’ era. Unfortunately, since ‘Ultra’ for …

Calfskin on vacation

Family time

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As you (hopefully) know, the past year was quite a big challenge for me both on the music and personal fronts. Finishing my debut album took a lot of time from my family and I’ve been trying to compensate for this ever since. However I must admit that I am starting to miss the sleepless nights of recording, arranging and …

Calfskin “Historyrepeating”: debut album is out

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2 years in the making. Countless sleepless nights and liters of tea are behind now.. And I’m incredibly excited to present to you my debut album.Titled “Historyrepeating” – in some way it was a very challenging record. During its making I became a father twice and at some point I was afraid I’d never finish this album.. But the reality …

Calfskin The Cross Video Shot

Watch “The Cross” official video

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So here we are, the long awaited video for “The Cross” – the lead single from “Historyrepeating” album. It was created by Chris Bailey and Jamie Korn. See full credits below. Watch it, like it and please share it with your friends! Jessica Johnson – The Girl David Graham Ward – The Boy Chris Bailey – Writer/Director Jamie Korn – …

Calfskin The Cross single announcement

“The Cross” – it is finally here!

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So here it is – “The Cross”, Calfskin’s first single from the upcoming album. By now it is already available on iTunes and in all major digital stores over the web. Do check out ‘Field Dub’ remix which is included in the full version of the single! One personal note I’d like to add – it was indeed not easy …

Excuses, excuses..

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It’s hard to believe, but it’s been almost a year since I posted updates on my website! A lot of things happened since then. First off, I must apologize to those, who were enthusiastically waiting for the new Calfskin release. But I’ve got a real big reason here – I became a father for the 2nd time! As you can …

80s, New Wave and Synthpop

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I’ve been thinking of writing a few posts about my new wave / synthpop influences already for quite a while. Finally, I’ve got a bit of time between writing/mixing my new record, so let’s start with a simple list of 10 most memorable new wave / synthpop artists and tracks. Not coincidentally – the tracks are almost entirely from the …

Album progress

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This is a short note about the progress with the album. Due to force majeure circumstances I had to limit the amount of recording/mixing time for the new record. Firstly I have recently became a dad 🙂 and secondly – my other line of music work (production services) is lately keeping me very busy. Nevertheless, things are slowly, but surely …

Calfskin Band Graffity Shot

All you need to know about Calfskin plans.. what’s to come?

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I have to admit I’ve been somewhat neglecting Calfskin website in favour of “Standing Eight” promotion and some extra time with my family. Now that I’m back to my normal music routine, here’s a complete update on what to expect from Calfskin in the upcoming future – from the new album details, to the questions about covers, remixes and videos. …

“Standing Eight” reviews so far

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“Standing Eight” has been reviewed by a number of online publications in the past months. It’s been a big pleasure to read these reviews. Since I wasn’t posting them to this site immediately, here’s a compilation of a few memorable quotes: The Record Stache was one of the first publications which reviewed “Standing Eight”. As you see from the quote …