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All you need to know about Calfskin plans.. what’s to come?

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I have to admit I’ve been somewhat neglecting Calfskin website in favour of “Standing Eight” promotion and some extra time with my family. Now that I’m back to my normal music routine, here’s a complete update on what to expect from Calfskin in the upcoming future – from the new album details, to the questions about covers, remixes and videos.

When is the new album out?

The short answer is – when it’s ready. The long answer – even though originally I was planning it for the end of this year, it already seems unrealistic. There are just too many production & promotion issues to take care of and too little time left before the holiday season. Therefore, realistically we’ll have to push back the album one or two years from now.

Why so slow?

Being an indie musician means that you set the deadlines yourself. And it also means – you often end up breaking these deadlines. The main reason is simple – I want to release music which will not be forgotten the next day it’s out. And since there is no multi-million $$ budget behind Calfskin, no 360 degrees advertising campaign, no marketing agreements set in stone – I do have a possibility to write, record and mix until I see that the end result is something truly satisfying.

So what’s the progress so far?

So far, I have fleshed out around ~30 rough song ideas, out of which already 10 progressed to the stage of draft mixes. As you can see, inspiration is definitely not an issue – my head is bursting with ideas!
But there’s a downside as well. As you can imagine, I will not be able to put all of these tracks on the album. So what I want to do is ask for YOUR help. Somewhere closer to the release date I’d like to find a nice & easy way to get your feedback regarding the tracks and compile a part or maybe the entire new Calfskin album with your help.
The rest of the tracks will not be forgotten – I will most likely release them as b-sides or distribute for free via Calfskin mailing list. Speaking of which – if you haven’t joined the list yet, perhaps this is the right time to do so. It’s going to be fun!

Any covers?

I’ve been thinking of releasing covers of some of my favourite tracks from the 80s and 90s already for quite some time. Moreover, I have 3 covers already recorded (no, I won’t tell their names yet!). The only thing stopping me from finalizing these tracks is an open question whether they should be on the album or not. I’m not clear yet with all those potential licensing / legal / distribution pecularities, which could complicate album promotion. So perhaps, they’ll end up being distributed separately or even as free bonuses. We’ll see!

Will there be any Calfskin videos?

Yes, definitely. I’m interested in cooperation with talented directors.
That said, so far my experience has not been very positive. Either the quality of work would be quite amateuristic or there’d be a price tag of a new car attached to the director. I will continue searching for a solution, but if you know OR if YOU are one of those talented directors willing to work together – please, contact me and we will discuss potential cooperation details.

Will Calfskin tracks be available for remixing?

Yes, definitely. Either in parallel or after the new album is released, I will arrange for acapella and some key stems to be available online for those, interested in remixing.
Speaking of remixing already available material, if you’re a talented remixer and would like to work on one of existing Calfskin tracks – please, get in touch with me and we’ll discuss the details.

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